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On This 19th Anniversary, DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM Reaffirms The Vital Position of The BPO Industry

On 23 April 2022, DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM marked its 19th anniversary by emphasizing the role of innovative technologies and advanced digital BPO services in the upcoming phase of development.

DIGI-TEXX’s remarkable 19-year-journey in Vietnam.

The anniversary is not only the occasion to celebrate the achievements accomplished in 2021. It is the chance to reiterate the company’s mission, aiming to enhance the overall client experience.

Frank Schellenberg, DIGI-TEXX’s CEO, shared his 20-year-journey in Vietnam and accentuated the strategic role of the new CEO, Nguyễn Minh Thoại, in DIGI-TEXX’s future development.

‘With the solid investment in digital technologies and cutting-edge solutions to facilitate our client’s work, we are committed to the digital BPO’s long-term growth.’ said Thoại.

Highlighted moments of DIGI-TEXX’s VIETNAM 19th Anniversary

The Appointment of DIGI-TEXX’s New CEO, Nguyễn Minh Thoại, to Drive Digital Transformation Success

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Frank Schellenberg, DIGI-TEXX’s current CEO, is delighted to announce the appointment of Nguyen Minh Thoai as the new leader of DIGI-TEXX Vietnam. Starting from May 1, 2022, Thoai will be the CEO of the company and take over the duty from Frank. Thoai will be based in the headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Thoai began his career with DIGI-TEXX in 2018 as Business Development Director. He’s currently holding an important position as Chief Digital Officer. During his time, Thoai has built up teams and worked together to achieve major milestones that link to the company’s future direction. He brought up Digital Business using new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. 

In recent years, Thoai worked with Operations to support client acquisition and retention strategy, project setup, and technology integration into the current processes. Digital Business sets the ground for Digital Technology to be integrated deeper into the company businesses and further builds the next generation of DIGI-TEXX Digital Products.

He has gained extensive experience in the manufacturing and financial sectors for 15 years before joining DIGI-TEXX. Thoai is highly motivated, committed to the company’s growth, and people-oriented mindset for development.

Frank will be stepping down as the current CEO from April 30, 2022. In the coming time, he will be the Business Strategic Advisor, working with Thoai and his team to ensure a smooth transition and strengthen the client’s relationship.

April 20, 2022

Meet Mr. Thomas Hofmaier – Shareholder of DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM

In March 2022, Vietnam fully reopened to international flights. Travel restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic have been removed, and DIGI-TEXX’s team finally reunited with Mr. Thomas Hofmaier – one of our shareholders from Munich, Germany. DIGI-TEXX spoke to Mr. Thomas about his thoughts on coming back after two years and the BPO position in the coming time.

Mr. Thomas Hofmaier – Shareholder of DIGI-TEXX Vietnam

What was your first impression when visiting Vietnam and DIGI-TEXX Vietnam after two years of isolation due to Covid-19?

I was very excited to travel back to Vietnam after 25 months and delighted to reunite with all the people I had first met in the last 16 years. It started from the welcome of the familiar hotel driver at the airport to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City. I’m impressed with Vietnam’s resilient and quick recovery from the pandemic.

Everyone at DIGI-TEXX has remained the same positive and energetic spirit. The people grow individually during the pandemic even though they have faced many internal challenges in their working and personal lives. 

How do you see the company changing in the last two years?

The pandemic was definitely a challenge and an opportunity for DIGI-TEXX to grow. I see we are transiting more on the digital path under the leadership of Mr. Thoai Nguyen – our Chief Digital Officer. We launched DIGI-XTRACT to bring intelligent document processing closer to our clients. To improvise with the pandemic, DIGI-TEXX has established a highly secured online working platform – DIGI-Connect, to support and extend crowdsource working models. In the meantime, we maintain our highest commitment to all worldwide clients. 

As a company specializing in providing Digital Solutions and BPO services adopting technologies for more automation, how do you see the role of people in this transformation journey?

I believe everyone is invited to join this journey, and there is more and more work to do in this digital transformation era. BPO used to be stereotyped as works associated with simple data entry or nine-to-five jobs. In this modern-day, especially at DIGI-TEXX, BPO requires complex skills such as data evaluation and analysis skills to guarantee and improve data-driven decision-making for our clients. As a result, DIGI-TEXX’s employees have been trained to reach higher skills that meet our advanced BPO requirements.

at DIGI-TEXX Vietnam’s Network Operation Center

Many people think that BPO will no longer continue its development in the coming years. Could you share your view about this?

BPO is definitely continuing its critical position, shifting into a new form, empowered by solid and high-end technologies that we define as technology BPO. By moving from paper-based to digital documents, BPO has changed its direction into providing digital transformation to clients, using web applications and services to approach our clients’ needs.

BPO is getting more complex and modernized to fulfill the global demand for digital transformation, and DIGI-TEXX believes we will witness exquisite growth in this field from this point forward.

Any messages you want to send to all DIGI-TEXX’s staff?

First of all, I would like to thank all DIGI-TEXX employees, particularly our frontline employees during the lockdown. Your commitment and discipline are critical to maintaining our business continuity.

I would like to express how proud I am of you as a united team and family for making DIGI-TEXX  such a great company and an enjoyable place to work.

Finally, I would like to send my warmest thoughts to any of you who have been affected by this disease and wish you a fast recovery.

Thomas Hofmaier – shareholder of DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM

Thomas joined DIGI-TEXX as one of our shareholders in 2007. He has brought his 29 year-experience and innovative spirit in BPO and digital transformation that advances DIGI-TEXX to become a successful offshore BPO and digital service provider. Currently, Thomas is an advisor supporting DIGI-TEXX to deliver excellent services for clients in the Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare industries. 

He believes that investing in people will help them reach their potential and achieve future sustainable success.




DIGI-TEXX Introduced DIGI-XTRACT In Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2021

DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM is pleased to sponsor and support an excellent event — the Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2021, organized by IDG Vietnam and the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) on 25 March 2022. 

DIGI-TEXX is honored to be one of 14 conference sponsors of Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2021

This year, the topic of The “New Normal” Retail Banking Model – Adaptation, Efficiency, Creativity, Maximizing Digital Advantages provides valuable information and solutions to the overall development of retail banking activities in Vietnam.

The rise of Digital Banking services and technology solutions to promote the digital financial ecosystem was the main topic discussed at the event.

Digital Banking is now considered the future of the banking industry, which helps the banks shorten transaction time, reduce costs, and promote competitiveness.

Together with 15 representatives from Top Banks in Vietnam and more than 17 Digital Solution Providers, DIGI-TEXX had the opportunity to introduce DIGI-XTRACT to facilitate the digital transformation journey of the banks.

DIGI-XTRACT is an intelligent automation solution developed by DIGI-TEXX to process both handwritten and printed data in different languages.

Let’s take a look at DIGI-TEXX’s activities at the conference.

DIGI-TEXX contributed to fighting the 4th wave of COVID-19 in VN

During the 4th wave of Covid-19, HCMC Center for Disease Control (HCDC) faced the challenge of dramatically increasing the number of infection cases in one day. The urgent need at that time to respond to the situation is to do as many as possible the COVID-19 test. The whole operation involved hundreds of testing units who went out and collect the samples and all hospitals, medical clinics, and labs who receive the samples and produce a COVID test result. This critical information is used by the city to fight the COVID situation and report timely to Vice Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam who was leading the whole Operations at the government level. This direction from the city created an enormous amount of effort to work on the covid test samples and update the test result in the HCDC system from all channels.

At that time, the DIGI-TEXX Business Support team was asked to join forces with HCDC to support the coordination between Testing Units, Hospitals, and Labs to ensure the timely follow-up on the test samples, update the COVID test result precisely into HCDC systems. Our team was dispatched onsite at hospitals, clinics, and the HCDC center to proactively tackle the issues.

Together with HCDC, the 12 members diligently coordinated with a total of 190 specimen collectors in HCMC and 40 medical clinics, labs, and hospitals in HCMC.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Huy, Project Manager, shared that “It has been extremely tough during the pandemic. For me, this project is an honored opportunity to do something meaningful for society. Spending time to help medical staff gave me pleasure as I could contribute to quickly stopping the pandemic and bringing the new normal back soon”.

Earlier, the test results were having many challenges to update timely and correctly due to urgent situation of infection cases causing overloading and delay of the whole medical system and process, making it difficult for authorities to circle affected areas and allocate sufficient resources to support. This support significantly reduced the workload, strengthen the process, and update the result information in a very short time to the overall COVID situation of HCMC.

DIGI-TEXX Maintains the Business Continuity During the Pandemic

In response to the dynamic and unprecedented nature of Covid-19, DIGI-TEXX is determined to put the safety and wellbeing of our employees, and the Client’s business continuity plan as our top priorities. We have finished the initial vaccination for all employees, work-from-home setup, and weekly onsite testing. We remain prudent in our planning to make sure every member is on the same page in terms of awareness, preparation, execution, and communication. This unity has enabled us to consistently maintain our service quality, productivity, and overall business at a high level, even during the most challenging times.

Mr. Frank Schellenberg – CEO said, “In recent weeks, I’ve been inspired by the dedication, selflessness, and resilience seen across all DIGI-TEXX departments. We have seamlessly coordinated in the preparatory work (facilities, legal, and administration) to actively prevent and control the infectious situation. It has been notable to witness the efforts and quick responsiveness of our entire teams contributing to the organizational stability. Once again, my most sincere thanks to all parts of our business, for setting excellent examples of dedication, flexibility, and professionalism. Let’s stay safe and take good care of yourselves and your families!”

DIGI-TEXX is “vaccinated” in fighting COVID-19

The health and safety of people in DIGI-TEXX always remain our foremost priority. With the sincere supports from city authorities, extensive and quick organizing from QTSC and local doctors and nurses, the on-site vaccination for our employees is successful.

Besides, DIGI-TEXX keeps implementing the WFH plan and the 5K formula (i.e. wearing masks, disinfection, safe distance, no gathering, medical declaration) to actively prevent and control the infectious situation.

The priority of vaccination allows businesses operating at Quang Trung Software City in general and FDI enterprises in particular to work and operate safely. We hope this practical action will contribute to promoting social normalization and defeating the pandemic.

DIGI-CONNECT – An E-Learning Platform created by DIGI-TEXX

DIGI-CONNECT: A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform created by DIGI-TEXX Vietnam

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been one of the five sectors with the greatest potential for growth and investment for years in Vietnam. However, the biggest challenges are the acquisition of staff and the lack of qualified employees.

DIGI-CONNECT is a combination of a learning management system (LMS) and a recruitment platform, especially for the BPO industry. This e-learning platform will remotely train essential BPO skills, as well as create jobs for marginalized groups.

– Housewives who are unable to work in the office.
– People with Disabilities (PWDs)
– Unemployed youths due to industrial automation

Thua Thien – Hue launches “Digital Transformation Week 2021”

The event takes place in 4 days from April 27 to April 30. This is the biggest provincial workshop about Digital Transformation in Vietnam up to now, and also a crucial step of Thua Thien – Hue to carry out Digital Transformation in many industries.

– Digital transformation in business, legal infrastructure.
– Smart applications to minimize complicated processes for Tourism, incorporating promotion on popular social networking platforms (TikTok, Zalo).
– Digital solutions to build and operate Commercial, Service, and high-tech Agriculture.
– Automate, integrate Health data and smart Education model.
– Orientation for cooperation and economic development in the region from Digital Transformation.

DIGI-TEXX had the opportunity to attend and understand more about the current status of the province and its urgent digital transformation needs. With 18 years of experience in BPO and Digitalization solutions, DIGI-TEXX hopes to accompany to boost the digital transformation journey of Thua Thien – Hue and surrounding areas.

Here are some photos of the event held at Hue City, Vietnam

DIGI-TEXX celebrates 18th anniversary in Vietnam

It is 18 years of contributing to Vietnam’s economic advancement and currently providing career opportunities for over 1300 employees to excel BPO Industry.

It is 18 years of bringing satisfaction to Clients across Europe, America, and Asia. Strengthening our slogan of “German Quality, Made in Vietnam” with the highest commitment of data security, accuracy, and a well-trained workforce.

Thank you for being one of our success stories. Cheers to the past glories and future achievements.