Explore the Customer-Centric Core Value with the Chief Operating Officer at DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM

Behind the customer’s THANK YOU is a story of the entire team effort’ – Nguyen Thi Diep, Chief Operating Officer of DIGI-TEXX Vietnam

In the last episode of the podcast “Customer-Centric Core Value”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Diep shared her insights on the “Customer-Centric core value of DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM”.

Today, let’s listen to Ms. Diep’s sharing through this podcast!


MC: Welcome to the “Customer-Centric Core Value” podcast series. I’m Quynh, and I’ll be joined by guests who will provide diverse perspectives on the core value of “Customer-centric.”

Today is the final episode of this podcast, so our guest is incredibly special. Before we get started on today’s topic, I’d like to introduce our guest, Ms. Nguyen Thi Diep.

Ms. Diep: Hello everyone!

MC: Ms. Diep joined DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM in 2017 as the Chief People Officer. Since 2020, she has held the position of Chief Operating Officer. Today, we will have a discussion with Ms. Diep to see how she, as a leader, defines Customer-centric and how this value has contributed to improving customer satisfaction.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Diep, Chief Operating Officer at DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM

MC: Hi, Ms. Diep, can you share with us the client profile at DIGI-TEXX?

Ms. Diep: DIGI-TEXX’s clients come from many regions with the majority of them coming from Europe, especially the German-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. In addition, DIGI-TEXX also has increasing customers from North America.

Besides this group of customers, DIGI-TEXX is expanding to the APAC region, such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries.

MC: So, the way DIGI-TEXX serves each customer segment is different, right? For example, in the European market, the company will have certain standards, or in the APAC region, the standards will be different, right?

Ms. Diep: Actually, the target clients of DIGI-TEXX are quite similar with high requirements. Therefore, they will reach out to DIGI-TEXX because of Premium Service. 

However, the specific requirements of each client will be different. For example, European clients have strict requirements. Especially the requirements for data protection and security.

American clients, on the other hand, focus more on price, and service time, especially the availability when they need it, you have to answer immediately.

As for Asia, this is a group of clients that is quite close to Vietnam. The friendliness, the empathy, and the sharing with them are more familiar to DIGI-TEXX.

MC: That’s why the connection with customers will be closer. So, as a leader, how do you balance the client’s needs with the effectiveness of work and internal processes?

Ms. Diep: Ah! This will be a very long story. I find it very difficult to answer in just a few minutes of this podcast. However, all the things that DIGI-TEXX does, the work that the employees are doing now, ultimately also serve the wishes of clients.

The first thing is to understand what your clients want. Second, what can DIGI-TEXX offer? From there, we will be able to come up with the best processes and standards for the company’s efforts while also meeting clients’ needs.

To do these things, all DIGI-TEXX employees who work directly with clients must be truly connected deeply, and understand their business operating model. At the same time, you must be a pioneer in working with clients to come up with the best ideas and solutions to improve processes.

MC: I think that’s also what the clients want, that we will contribute to them, right Ms. Diep? So, to make it easier to understand, can you give me an example of a case of a client affecting or changing the internal operations of DIGI-TEXX?

Ms. Diep: Actually, the way customers request cannot change the internal operation of DIGI-TEXX. When we have built a stable, standard operation department, then normally, the customer’s requirements only affect the surface. It will not affect the core values of the company.

For example, one of the core values of DIGI-TEXX is quality, so no matter what the clients request the company must ensure quality. Therefore, clients will never ask for anything against this core value.

MC: So, how does Ms. Diep define Customer-Centric?

Ms. Diep: Customer-Centric, everyone says that customers are the center, customers are number one. But from my perspective, Customer-Centric is what I have to provide a service that brings the highest rights and benefits to customers.

Guarantee that those are what customers want! When you understand these issues, DIGI-TEXX will provide services according to what the customer needs. In particular, we need to identify who the customer is! Not everyone is a customer.

MC: Our services serve the entire organization, not only individuals.

Ms. Diep: People often consider the person they are working with as the clients, but it is not always the case. It is not wrong, but it is not enough. People should always look beyond the individuals, and look at the organization that the individuals represent. The organization that signed the contract with us is the client, not that individual.

MC: As a leader, how have you built a Customer-Centric culture and values for the operations team?

Ms. Diep: I have spent a lot of effort on this. What do you think of how this value has been passed on to your team since you joined the company over a year ago?

MC: I don’t work directly with Ms. Diep. I work directly with Mr. Khanh, Ms. Thuy, and before that, Ms. Dung. I see that all the managers put Customer-Centric on the highest scale of priority, and I also apply this value in my daily work. For me, the important thing is to make sure that the client is satisfied.

I have two main clients, and I always tell my team members that when working with them, they need to put myself in the client’s shoes. What do the customers want? How to make them satisfied? We cannot simply assume that what we are doing will make the customer happy if it is not what they want.

We need to listen to the client to understand their needs, and then we can deliver a customized service. I think this is a small contribution to the core values of our company. Do you think so?

Ms. Diep: I see that you are being interviewed, so I am not sure how your KPI will be evaluated. Do you think you will be evaluated favorably?

[Both start laughing]

MC: I hope you will be lenient in your evaluation this year.

Ms. Diep: I will consider that as a part of your KPI.

MC: I also want to know how the way we put the customer at the center affects our relationship with the client.

Ms. Diep: Actually, clients do not see us as vendors or suppliers. Most clients put DIGI-TEXX as a partner. They see us as an extension of their own department. This makes me very proud. It means that we are not just providing a service, but also acting as a friend, colleague, and partner. We provide advice, and support, and welcome them when they visit us.

I see that all of my clients are very satisfied, and they enjoy working with my team.

MC: Ms. Diep, the Operations team has over 700 employees, right?

Ms. Diep: Now, it has over 800 employees.

MC: With so many employees, what is your leadership style in the operations department?

Ms. Diep: My leadership style is simple. Work Hard, Play Hard. When I am working, I am very serious and focused, so I may look stern. But when I am not working, I am really friendly.


Ms. Diep (7th person from the left in the front line), is celebrating Christmas at DIGI-TEXX Data Processing Team

MC: One last question. What is the proudest thing about yourself since you joined DIGI-TEXX?

Ms. Diep: There are many things to be proud of, but I am most proud of building a strong operations department. Everyone in the team works hard.

Each individual in the team, especially those under me, has made significant progress in terms of skills and personal branding. These are the highlights of my career.

MC: Isn’t that because you are a good motivator? Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. In the last part of the podcast, we will have a small minigame.

[Ms. Diep picked a random question]

Ms. Diep: What is the one thing you like to hear the most from your clients? Oh, what do clients usually say? They usually say thank you. Especially when it’s the most difficult time and I’ve handled it. And everyone is receiving very positive feedback.

‘Thank you for your great work! Thank you for your great delivery! Thank you for your contribution.’ I like to hear it the most when the customer says thank you, especially after events. Because behind every thank you is a story that the customer wants to convey, the reasons why they thank me.

MC: Thank you very much, Ms. Diep, for being here today and helping everyone to understand more about the core value of Customer-Centric. This is the last episode of the show and I appreciate your sharing.

Ms. Diep and MC: Bye Bye!!


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