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Outsourcing invoice processing services helps streamline and improve your accounts payable/accounts receivable processes to enhance business efficiency and operational costs.


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Simplify Invoice Processing with Automated Solutions

Tracking and processing your invoices are complicated by multiple email trails, paper shuffling, and manual keying. Processing invoices manually could slow down business operations and ultimately affect your client’s experience.

Invoice or e-invoice processing can be a troublesome process that requires a lot of time and resources. Incorrect invoices can bring harsh, negative impacts on businesses.

DIGI-TEXX applies expertise in technologies such as AI OCR (Artificial Intelligence Optical Character Recognition), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) combined with in-house operators to boost the invoice automation process and achieve the maximum possible data accuracy.

The service can be flexibly operated both offline at DIGI-TEXX and online on the client’s system.

Invoice processing services

We provide accurate and cost-effective industry-optimized services to streamline your business processes. Our experienced and professional staff ensures high-quality and accurate data. Here’s a brief overview of our services:

Invoice Management Service

Our invoice management solutions are the most comprehensive in the market. Our services will empower you to effortlessly match purchase orders to invoices, handle checks and cash seamlessly, and accurately log every transaction.

Invoice Automation Service

Looking for an automated invoice service to validate data, ensure correct codes, and save operating time? Our system can capture, digitize, and extract data from digital and paper invoices with computer vision and optical character recognition.

Dental billing service

DIGI-TEXX offers a full-service dental billing solution. This includes patient data entry, claim verification, claim submission, and payment posting. Their primary focus is on growing your account receivables with an efficient management system at hand.

Medical billing service

We provide a flexible, confidential, and professional medical billing facility. Our experienced staff has in-depth experience in this industry and is committed to optimizing your reimbursements.

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Our Deployment Models


Our Invoice Processing Automation Solution

Our invoice processing specialists apply advanced scanning technology and the latest invoicing software to provide quick and precise invoice processing solutions. We capture accounts payables and invoices in either electronic or paper format, translate them, classify them, and input the data into your financial system.

DIGI-TEXX’s invoice processing services are adaptable to the unique requirements of clients’ specific industries. We provide customization workflow upon your operating models. There are 3 typical steps:

Whether an invoice is received via mail, as an image (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc.), scanned handwritten forms, or as an e-invoice, our system will automatically classify if the received document is an invoice or not. Our algorithm sorts out all ads, spam, and other non-invoice documents.

By applying NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies, DIGI-SOFT’s system – an in-house platform will analyze three sections: header, footer, and body of the invoice. The engine itself detects the invoice’s logo and billing information (date, address, tax code, etc…).

Then, the engine will compare the information with the data provided by the clients to ensure the invoice is matched. If the invoice data is matched with the client’s data, the system will extract and export data in different formats (HTML, CSV, JSON, etc.), then return it to your system. However, when an unmatched case appears, our engine will alert and request verification.

Before applying DIGI-XTRACT to extract data, DIGI-SOFT will detect all the fields on the invoice, this we call the auto-detection step. By doing this, the OCR engine only needs to extract a specific predefined field instead of reading the entire invoice which is time-consuming. 

At DIGI-TEXX, we constantly enhance the confidence level of our AI engine to improve output’s accuracy rate which will be a stepping stone to autonomous process control.  

With the latest Machine Learning technologies, our algorithm is able to learn, adapt, and process new invoice forms in different languages and formats.

frequently asked questions

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Invoice processing refers to the workflow and activities involved in handling and managing invoices within an organization. It encompasses the entire process from receiving an invoice to making the final payment to the vendor or supplier.

Proper invoice processing is crucial for any business in today’s digital environment. It involves receiving and approving supplier invoices, determining the best payment date, and ensuring accurate recording in the general ledger. A prompt payment schedule and efficient record-keeping system are essential to avoid supplier problems.

DIGI-TEXX automates payment processing, reducing turnaround time and eliminating the need for vendors to chase payments. Automation saves time by removing manual inputting of data into multiple systems, while still providing full visibility into the accounts payable process. Unpaid bills are sent on time, making both businesses and vendors happy. DIGI-TEXX’s solution ensures timely payments, building trust between a company and its vendors.

Outsourcing invoice processing brings cost savings, efficiency, accuracy, scalability, and expertise to organizations. It allows businesses to focus on core activities, leverage advanced technologies, ensure compliance, and benefit from specialized knowledge and streamlined processes.

Businesses have the option to handle invoicing in-house, use third-party software, or outsource to an invoice processing service provider. Generally, using an invoice processing service offers the most benefits due to its expertise, costs, and scalability.

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of a document processing service, it’s best to contact DIGI-TEXX and provide details about the type and volume of documents that need processing, as well as any specific requirements you may have.

We offer flexible pricing models based on the hour/transaction/volume and dedicated resources/packages. Clients can select the right model which best fits their purpose.

The cost of a document processing service can vary depending on several factors, including the type and volume of documents, the level of complexity involved in processing the documents, and the level of customization required.

It’s important to note that some document processing services may also charge additional fees for services such as data storage or retrieval, software licensing, or customization of the service to meet your specific needs.

How does our invoice processing methodology work?

We create an optimized N-step process to provide an efficient, secure, and comprehensive database development environment.



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Your Industry will benefit the most from our services

DIGI-TEXX implements automation invoice process tools and models to provide a comprehensive solution for various industries. There are several invoice processing use cases across many industries:


With our invoice processing solutions, we help hospitality businesses automate and streamline their invoice management.


We unburden E-commerce businesses by eliminating manual tasks and paper-based processes by tracking and reconciling payments.


We assist healthcare organizations to streamline their payment processing workflows by handling invoices from medical equipment providers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers.


Our services automate manual tasks involved in handling invoices such as data entry, verification, and matching with purchase orders and receipts. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, reducing the time and effort required to process invoices.

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What makes us a suitable invoice processing service provider for you?

Outsourcing your invoice processing needs to us provides a range of benefits, including:

Reduced fraud risk

Process invoices automatically help reduce the risk of fraud by applying a better tracking, validating, and monitoring platform like DIGI-SOFT.

Cost savings

By reducing manual labor and minimizing errors, businesses can save on operational costs, freeing up resources that can be used to grow the business.

Service capability

We can easily provide 24/7 service capability considering the time-zone differences and other factors.

100% Data accuracy

Depending on the complexity of the industry and the language used on the invoice, our automation technology can process from 92% to 97% of the entire process. We ensure 100% data accuracy guaranteed by our experienced workforce.

Seamless quality control process

A centralized quality control step helps both internal and external audit processing be more straightforward. At DIGI-TEXX, we utilize our experienced workforce to support handling exceptional cases to guarantee higher levels of data accuracy.

Compliance with the country’s regulations

Invoice, E-invoice processing, and VAT compliance are one of the top challenging parts for many companies, especially for those that operate in different countries with different legal regulations. DIGI-TEXX ensures all invoices will be issued and archived according to the nation’s regulations by complying with GDPR, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

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We do data processing of invoices in more than 30 languages

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