Global Invoice Processing

Our client is a globally recognized logistics service provider dealing with thousands of invoices from vendors all over the world.

SERVICE OFFERS: Invoice Processing


Invoice form varies nation to nation with complex policies, requiring strict data compliance regulation. Processing a massive volume of invoices manually might lead to critical risks, including data entry errors, delayed payment processes, lost invoices, and fraudulent invoices.

They are seeking a solution where all their incoming invoices are processed and issued on time, with no violation of the country’s policies.


  • Filter invoice attached in mass emails 
  • Validate mail with missing invoices
  • Extract data from detected invoices 
  • Email handling to follow up with vendors
Hotel Invoice Processing


To tackle this problem, DIGI-TEXX has designed a solution package proposing a group of experts with a full process approach combined with technologies such as Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and OCR (Optical character recognition).


When DIGI-TEXX’s system detects incoming invoices from clients, the engines will automatically conduct the Pre-processing step (Auto Classify, Auto Enhance, Auto Rotate), and then, DIGI-XTRACT – our OCR engine will extract the required data. 

In some cases, if some data fields are missing and validation steps are required, the system will call for human verification.

Global hotel Invoice Processing


  • LANGUAGE: German, English, Italian, French, Vietnamese, and more. 
  • DATA TRAINING SERVICE: Under the client’s requirement, new invoices will be used by our experts to train and enhance the system’s extraction capacity.
  • 24/7: The automated system works 24/7 to ensure your business continuity.
  • DATA SECURITY: Solution deployment in the country complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards.


Consequently, we have unburdened our clients in terms of invoice processing and lessened their day-to-day workload.


Normal month: ~ 130.000 invoices/month

Peak month: ~ 660.000 invoices/month

  • PROCESSING TIME: 5 minutes of manually processing one invoice turn to ~ 30 seconds/ invoice
Hotel Invoice Processing


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