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Digital archiving & Document Scanning Service

With the latest scanning and capture technologies, our service caters to all types of documents, sizes, and materials.


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Reduce workloads, increase productivity, and convert physical records into easily manageable digital assets

DIGI-TEXX has gained extensive experience by completing over 200 successful digital archiving and document scanning projects for international businesses.

In a hybrid world of paper and electronic information, unified information allows businesses to save lots of time and effort in searching for documents. It enables easy access and the ability to share with others quickly and remotely.

Our document scanning equipment is capable of handling many document types from the size of a train ticket up to A3. Scanning can be done in black and white or in the same format as the original.

For larger documents such as maps and technical drawings up to A0, our wide-format scanners are used.

We can transform your paper records into a digital, searchable, and easily accessible environment at high volume. Using the latest scanning and capture technologies, our document scanning services can handle all types of documents, sizes, and materials.

Your scanned documents can be encrypted, password-protected, and securely stored in the cloud.

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Digital archiving & document scanning services we offer

We provide accurate and cost-effective industry-optimized document scanning services to streamline your business processes. We offer several types of document and paper scanning services:

On-site scanning service

Organizations have delicate documents that cannot be relocated, sensitive records that must remain on-site, or extensive document archives that are impractical to transfer. Our on-site scanning service brings scanning equipment and expertise to digitize the physical assets at the client’s premises.

Bulk scanning service

We provide bulk document scanning services to companies worldwide. DIGI-TEXX enables a state-of-the-art scanning facility to receive, sort, scan, and quality-check significant volumes of paperwork on a daily basis.

Book scanning service

Our book scanning services are designed to convert physical books into digital formats. Digital files can be provided in various forms, such as PDF, EPUB, or MOBI, depending on the client’s requirements.

image scanning services

Our image scanning services capture online and offline image data with speed and accuracy, allowing you to preserve, organize, or share the data in any format of your choice such as JPEG, TIFF, or PNG.

digital archiving services

At DIGI-TEXX, our team is committed to delivering top-notch digitization and archival services, ensuring the data’s long-term accessibility, integrity, and usability.

Business Documents scanning service

We help you reduce your reliance on paper, improve file accessibility, and lower costs with records management.

Large Format Document Scanning Service

We create precise digital replicas of your oversized documents like maps, schematics, and blueprints, which can be accessed and shared easily among the organization’s members and departments.

Medical Records Scanning Service

We aim to digitize paper-based medical records to electronic health records (EHR) or digital document management systems. DIGI-TEXX ensures regulatory compliance while providing patients with proper access to their records through modern security measures.

Legal Document Scanning Service

You can experience greater security, a streamlined workflow, and immediate access to sensitive client data and records. DIGI-TEXX complies with industry standards, best practices, and legal requirements for long-term preservation, such as data retention regulations or copyright considerations.

MicroFiche/Film Scanning Service

Transform your microfilm or microfiche storage into a collection of easily accessible digital documents. DIGI-TEXX offers specialized equipment, such as microfilm scanners or microfiche scanners, to capture the content of both microfilm and microfiche frames.

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Managers from many kinds of businesses turn to DIGI-TEXX to optimize their business costs.

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The documents can be scanned either in black and white or like-for-like as per originals. Our document scanning equipment can handle document sizes as small as a train ticket and up to A3 size. Large documents such as maps, plans, and technical drawings up to A0 are scanned on our wide-format scanners. 

Our optimized N-step document scanning & digital archiving process

We have developed an optimized N-step process to provide you with an efficient, secure, and convenient workflow. Here’s how we approach it:



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Industries we cater to

DIGI-TEXX implements the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to provide solutions for various industries. By combining technology with human expertise, we can efficiently handle large amounts of data, resulting in cost savings, improved performance, and enhanced customer experience. There are several use cases across many industries:


Banks and financial institutions deal with sensitive customer data and financial documents that require proper handling and storage. DIGI-TEXX can streamline their operations, reduce the time and cost associated with paper-based processes, and comply with regulatory requirements.


Insurance companies have a lot of paperwork to manage, from claims to policies to customer information. Our services help insurance companies store them in a secure and easily searchable electronic format, reducing the risk of losing important documents and speeding up the claims process.


E-commerce businesses generate a lot of paperwork, from invoices and receipts to shipping labels and customer information. Our document scanning & digital archiving services can reduce the risk of errors, speed up order processing, and enhance customer service.


Historical societies, museums, and archives deal with a large volume of paper-based historical documents that need to be preserved for future generations. By digitizing these documents, they can ensure their preservation and make them easily accessible to researchers and the general public.


Government agencies generate and manage a vast amount of paper-based documents, from tax forms and legal documents to citizen records and permits. We can help improve their efficiency and transparency, reduce costs associated with storage and retrieval, and provide better access to citizens.

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What makes us an ideal digital archiving and document scanning service provider for you?

Our company offers digital storage & document scanning solutions to clients worldwide, delivering high-quality results. Outsourcing your data needs to us provides a range of benefits, including:

Remove problems with paper

Reducing the need for massive warehouses to store physical records and eliminating the possibility of a fire or flood destroying years of records. Creating a premise for the systematization of document and data management.

Better data security

Our document digitization services guarantee comprehensive information security following the information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 standard with GDPR compliance.

Affordable price

We offer affordable pricing based on your conversion volume or dedicated resource packages. Our prices are highly competitive in the market.

Experience in the field

With more than 20 years of experience, we are committed to meeting large-scale and complex digitizing projects. Our dedicated team of experience has been delivering projects in various industries including banking, insurance, and retail.

Technology and process driven

We focus on applying cutting-edge technologies to the data processing process to shorten processing time and reduce human intervention.

High-volume service

Scanning large paper or microfilm archives on-site offers convenience, efficiency, and simplicity. This enables you to manage large-scale document scanning projects without the usual logistical difficulties.

Let us answer your questions

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free consultation. If you don’t see an answer for you below, feel free to send us a message.

A document scanning service provides accurate and secure archiving of important documents, converting them into digital documents/files that are easier and more cost-effective to store.

Documents can be quickly located through a text search, making retrieval almost instantaneous. The process is also secure for the protection of sensitive documents, with encryption algorithms and access-restrictions in place.

The online archive allows only authorized personnel to access files. This saves money on physical file storage, frees up office space, and improves efficiency over traditional paper-based filing.

Storing paper files is more expensive than digital storage. Our document scanning service is cost-effective and efficient.

With digital files, you can easily search for data instead of rummaging through a filing cabinet.

DIGI-TEXX offers competitive pricing with a per-box pricing model that is affordable and easy to calculate.

We provide a wide range of options for scanning and converting various types of physical documents, such as large-format blueprints and schematics, microfiche, photographs, any-size paper documents and more.

Once the scanning is complete, your files will be stored and delivered to you via secure cloud storage, an encrypted drive, or uploaded to an existing document management system.

Our services are designed to meet your needs with precision and efficiency, ensuring that your documents are accurately digitized and easily accessible.

We scan your documents at 300dpi and save them as ultra-high resolution digital images to ensure maximum quality and legibility.

Our team performs manual quality control on each image to guarantee that our high standards are met.

Imperfect scans are redone to maintain our quality standards. In most cases, digital formats are easier to read than the original documents.

At DIGI-TEXX, we make it easy for you to convert your documents. Simply pack up your files and leave the rest to us. Our document preparation team will ensure that any paperclips, staples or sticky notes are removed, and your papers are ready for our high-quality scanning process.

Yes, DIGI-TEXX offers secure document scanning at your office location. Our on-site scanning service brings to your door the expertise, equipment, and staff necessary for organizing and workflow, setting up the initial system, and operating the scanning equipment.

Our exemplary project delivery capacity

Our document scanning solutions add value to any business (from small to large enterprises) around the world.

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