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implement digital transformation now! Why not?

More and more customers and clients are looking for fast and reliable services from the companies they use. The main goal of any business going through a digital transformation should be to create a seamless customer experience, no matter what device or where it is. This has forced businesses to find different solutions.

Sounds similar to you?

DIGI-TEXX’s dedicated development teams already have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver high-quality IT transformation services to keep up with changing market needs.

We narrow our focus and energy on helping clients prepare, change, and improve the following factors:

Customer-centric orientation

Leveraging technologies’ advantages

Maximized data power

Data security and compliance

To provide the best outsourcing business processes for you, we use the power of technological innovation, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. These digital technologies help automate system processes, resulting in better time management, as well as a better customer experience and outcome.

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Digital transformation services

Transform your data into valuable, actionable insights, for better business decisions and lead the market.


Transform your data management with our expert support services! Say goodbye to the headaches of a tiresome, inaccurate, and slow in-house data management process. Our solutions ensure accurate, reliable data for top-notch quality management, proactive decision-making, and a competitive edge. Let us help you conquer your data challenges!


Your company doesn’t have the time and resources to tweak, edit, tag, classify, or make them even more professional. No problem! We have all the platform, software, and hardware you need to make it happen. Outsource your image processing to us, and we’ll give your business the edge it needs.


A digital archive provides safe and secure access to all your documents. Companies spend a lot of time handling physical documents for internal and external use. We offer digital archive and bulk scanning services to upload your paper-based documents to an online archive that can be accessed at any time.


Our Robotic Process Automation service can help companies improve their operational efficiency quickly and affordably. We offer software tools, intelligent bots, and automated systems to streamline complex and repetitive tasks. Our RPA consulting services help identify automation opportunities and overcome challenges for more productive operations. With RPA, you can reduce errors and overhead costs, laying the groundwork for intelligent automation at scale.

outsourced financial service

Our outsourced financial services leverage AI and non-inclusive RPAs to simplify business operations, optimize processes, and achieve your goals at minimal cost. We don’t just analyze data; we thoroughly analyze your data to develop innovative solutions that provide you with objectives, standards, and a well-defined route to achieve success.


Our customer service agents and representatives are trained to possess not only in-depth knowledge of your products or services but also excellent soft skills. We ensure that no customer issue is overlooked and that all customers enjoy a consistent support experience with positive language.

Digital transformation solutions DIGI-TEXX

Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Build customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business.


DIGI-SCAN provides a channel to capture, receive, and transfer electronic format images anytime, anywhere with any device. The solution centralizes users from different regions to work on a standardized business process platform. 


DIGI-MOBILE allows users to transfer images/ videos from mobile devices, attaching location information to images captured by cameras.


An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution built on the base of Machine Learning, Deep Learning technology to perform document classification, data extraction, and quality control applied to various document types.


DIGI-DMS is an archiving system built on a web application based on a cloud-ready technology stack by DIGI-TEXX. The electronic document management system (DMS) allows multiple tenants and users to simultaneously access and manage paperwork and archive documents.

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Managers from many kinds of businesses turn to DIGI-TEXX to enhance their client’s digital experiences.

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Our deployment models

Business model chart

Our 4-step digital transformation process for you

We specialize in developing customized digital transformation strategies that leverage the latest technologies to help you efficiently achieve your business goals. Our team of experts can assist your organization in exploring and implementing new possibilities while minimizing disruption and cost.



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frequently asked questions

Our digital transformation consultancy utilizes customer-centric design to facilitate efficient business transformation.

Digital transformation is a journey that takes an organization’s strategy and operations, where a company attempts to seamlessly blend technology and human interaction together.

Benefits include improved customer experience, quicker decision-making through team collaboration, and greater efficiency from migrating to digital operations.

Emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and IoT provide data insights for informed decision-making. Proper implementation of digital transformation optimizes growth and resource utilization.

Digital Transformation Consultancy is a popular service that helps companies optimize processes and increase performance through digital technology.

It assesses the current situation and creates a tailored strategy and roadmap. This roadmap includes short-term improvements and longer-term initiatives.

Consultants guide organizations in selecting, installing, and using digital technologies to streamline processes, reduce costs, decrease errors, and respond to customers faster. They can also help companies leverage existing digital infrastructure to create new products or services.

In summary, Digital Transformation Consulting offers strategies and services to improve process efficiency with digital technologies. A consultant can ensure that investments in these technologies provide long-term benefits and enable future growth.

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate, making them more agile and competitive in today’s rapidly changing market. Key benefits of digital transformation include:

  1. Increased capacity
  2. Reduced costs
  3. More efficient operations

For instance, by analyzing data gathered from customer interactions, businesses can make more accurate and cost-effective decisions. Moreover, this same data provides valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to personalize their products and services.

Digital transformation is also flexible and works with existing assets and systems. Automated processes and short training programs can improve efficiency, freeing up resources for core tasks and helping companies reach their long-term goals faster.

Digital transformation is a significant change that brings about a great deal of trepidation in many organizations.

Some challenges include difficulties in managing the balance between tangible and intangible elements. For example, migrating legacy systems to new technologies may be met with resistance or confusion from leadership or employees who must learn new programs and processes.

Getting project approval for additional costs associated with adding technology can also create conflicts due to tight budgets. With so many options available, determining which technology to use in order to get the best return on investment can be problematic.

Engaging and motivating staff to undergo this kind of transformation is another challenge. Successfully implementing digital transformation requires careful planning, resource allocation, and engagement within the organization.

Digital transformation services are becoming increasingly essential for modern enterprises, regardless of industry or size. Whether your company is considering a major shift to the digital world or simply wants to improve its digital capabilities, you need someone with knowledge, experience, and expertise in digital transformation processes.

Hiring a digital transformation partner who specializes in this area gives you access to their in-depth understanding of technologies, strategies, and processes. They can help identify areas of opportunity that fit the individual goals and needs of your business.

By working with you, they can develop an effective strategy for exploiting these opportunities and implementing new technologies, automating complex tasks and streamlining manual ones. This will allow you to maximize efficiency without burdening your staff with additional work. Engaging such a partner is therefore a valuable investment that can yield great returns for your organization both in the short and long term.

The digital transformation services provider can establish a project management team to analyze, navigate, and lead the digital transformation journey to meet clients’ requirements. You are not alone in this new wave of development.

Managing projects that affect multiple areas of a business, change how the company works, and significantly alter interactions with employees and customers can be challenging. While some projects offer short-term benefits, others aim for long-term goals.

However, quantifying success is essential to continue investing in digital transformation. To do so, it is important to take a portfolio view of digital change efforts, not a project level view. This enables leaders to assess the performance of overall digital transformation efforts, rather than just evaluating individual projects.

To measure digital transformation metrics, it is important to follow best practices. These include setting initial metrics, developing micro-metrics for agile experimentation, and incorporating business outcomes such as strategic impact, operational impact, and cost impact.

Your industry will benefit the most from our services

DIGI-TEXX implements automation digital transformation tools and platforms to provide solutions for various industries. By combining technology with a specialized workforce, we can efficiently transform large amounts of data, resulting in cost savings, improved performance, and uncovering valuable insights from your data.


Account Opening (Credit Card, Loan Application Process)

Inspection & Verification

Bank Statement Extraction 

Financial Statement Extraction

Customized Robot Automation Toolkit

Customized Digital Banking Toolkit


Customer Onboarding

Application Form Extraction

Identity Documents (ID/Passport) Extraction

Claim Processing

Business Support

Hospital Discharge Document Processing

Audio Record Verification 

Name Check Clearing – False Hit


Content Management

Content Moderation

Image Processing

Customer Service And Experience


Document & Article Classification

Document Structure Analysis

Extract Information Of Interest

Text Transcription & Annotation

Page Segmentation

On-demand Labeling Service

Evaluate AI Models based on extracted results


Intelligent Document Processing

Data Processing

Case Inspection Solution

Scanning Solution

Document Management System Solution

Customized Solutions

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What makes us a suitable digital transformation service provider for you?

We are a leading digital transformation outsourcing company and are committed to providing our expertise, technology, and infrastructure to support businesses across the world. We thoroughly understand your consumer concern and provide reliable support services on your behalf. Here are the reasons why we are the best provider of digital transformation services.

Flexible pricing model

We offer flexible pricing models based on clients’ requirements. Clients can select the right model which best fits their purpose.

Round-the-clock support

Our operating service is 24/7/365 and we always put our client’s concerns as the top priority.

Data security

Confidential information will remain secure and be restricted from outside exposure with a reliable information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 standard with GDPR compliance.

Data accuracy

At DIGI-TEXX, we understand that data accuracy is the first and critical standard of the data quality framework. We combine AI technologies and our specialists to ensure the highest accuracy rate.

Cost optimization

Outsourcing transforms fixed costs into variable costs and allows our clients to prevent large expenditures for business in the early stages and long-term run.

Scalability and flexibility

Our service can adapt quickly to fluctuating volumes without compromising productivity and processing quality.

Our exemplary project delivery capacity

Our claims processing solutions add value to any business (from small to large enterprises) around the world.

Our 20 Years of Proven Track Record

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Intelligent Document Processing

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Intelligent Document Processing

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