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Despite the development of data processing technologies like OCR, machine learning, and deep learning, manual data entry is still necessary for data quality.

Many types of documents still need human intervention for several exceptional cases: poor quality scans, untidy handwriting, stamps, and written notes on a document. Human attention is an essential final step to ensure the quality of processed data matches the actual document.

Our combination of modern technologies and in-house professionals gives us the advantage of processing time and accuracy in processing high-volume documents. This mix also helps to streamline clients’ business workflow, increase productivity, and enhance efficiency.

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Document processing services

We provide accurate and cost-effective industry-optimized document processing solutions to streamline your business processes. Our experienced and professional staff ensures high-quality and accurate data. Here’s a brief overview of our services:

Historical document processing/archives service

As historical documents age, they begin to deteriorate. To digitize and archive written and printed materials accurately and efficiently, we use a combination of human intelligence and AI technologies. DIGI-TEXX can process many languages, including old German, Spanish, English, Italian, and Russian, across a variety of document types. With our assistance, historical documents can be preserved for future generations.

Invoice Processing Service

Invoice or e-invoice processing can prove to be a troublesome process that requires a lot of time and resources. It also has a weak point as incorrect invoices can bring on harsh, negative impacts on businesses.

DIGI-TEXX applies expertise in technologies (OCR, Machine Learning), combined with in-house operators to achieve the maximum possible data accuracy in invoice processing. The service can be flexibly operated both offline at DIGI-TEXX and online on the client’s system.

Claims Processing Service

We understand that processing insurance claims can be time-consuming and complex. That’s why we offer specialized services to help streamline your processes and improve your operational efficiency.

Our insurance claims processing services can help you reduce administrative costs, optimize the existing legacy system and improve customer satisfaction rates. We use an optimal mix of people and technology to enhance operating performance and provide improved services to your policyholders.

Historical document processing

With age, historical documents written or printed on ordinary papers begin to deteriorate. Our combined use of human intelligence and AI technologies allows us to process, digitize, and archive both written and printed materials with the most achievable accuracy and efficient peak workload management.

Our technology is capable of detecting many languages, including old German, Spanish, English, Italian, and Russian on a multitude of document types. No matter the language or document type, DIGI-TEXX can help preserve and maintain historical documents for many generations to come!

Utility bill processing

At DIGI-TEXX, we offer top-tier utility bill processing automation solutions. From waste to gas to electricity bills, we handle it all with the highest level of quality. 1000 Providers already in the DIGI-TEXX platform.

Sales order processing service

Our team of experts can help you manage your sales orders from start to finish. We can assist with data entry, order validation, and order fulfillment, ensuring that your orders are processed quickly and accurately.

Transaction processing service

Is your business being bogged down by too many errors in processing transactions and customer orders? We offer various transaction processing services that are designed to streamline your business processes. Our services include order processing, claims processing, and loan processing.

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Our Deployment Models

How does our document processing Process work?

We specialize in developing customized strategies that leverage the latest technologies to help you efficiently achieve your business goals. Our team of experts can assist your organization in exploring and implementing new possibilities while minimizing disruption and cost.



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Your Industry will benefit the most from our services

DIGI-TEXX implements automation document processing tools and platforms to provide solutions for various industries. There are several document processing use cases across many industries:


Our services facilitate the verification and validation of loan applications, as well as the gathering and analysis of customer data for account opening and credit card purposes. We also verify customer identities and check for compliance with regulatory requirements.


Document processing services can help automate the process of verifying and validating claims, enhance fraud detection, and reduce the time required for manual processing. As a result, insurance companies can free up their staff to focus on providing better customer service.


With domain experience in the healthcare industry, our document processing services can help automate the process of updating patient records, retrieving records for patient visits, verifying and validating medical claims, gathering and analyzing patient data, generating bills and checking insurance coverage, and submitting claims to insurance providers.

Historical data & document

Our intelligent process allows community members to connect with their ancestors and gain insights into their identities and origins. Our services:

Document & Article Classification

Document Structure Analysis

Extract Information Of Interest

Text Transcription & Annotation

Page Segmentation

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What makes us a suitable document processing service provider for you?

We thoroughly understand your consumer concern and provide reliable support services on your behalf. Outsourcing your needs to us provides a range of benefits, including:

Affordable and flexible pricing model

We offer flexible pricing models based on clients’ requirements. Clients can select the right model which best fits their purpose.

Data accuracy

At DIGI-TEXX, we understand that data accuracy is the first and critical standard of the data quality framework. We combine AI technologies and our specialists to ensure the highest accuracy rate.

Data security

Confidential information will remain secure and be restricted from outside exposure with a reliable information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 standard with GDPR compliance.

Cost optimization

Outsourcing transforms fixed costs into variable costs and allows our clients to prevent large expenditures for business in the early stages and long-term run.

Round-the-clock support

Our operating service is 24/7/365 and we always put our client’s concerns as the top priority.

Scalability and flexibility

Our service can adapt quickly to fluctuating volumes without compromising productivity and processing quality.

Our exemplary project delivery capacity

Our digital transformation solutions add value to any business (from small to large enterprises) around the world.

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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a machine-learning technology that automates and streamlines document processing. It uses artificial intelligence-powered automation to classify documents, extract information, and validate data.

Intelligent Document Processing provides strategic machine-learning capabilities that automate and optimize processes and enrich the customer experience across the intelligent suite.

Our document processing involves scanning and rescanning, data capture, back-file conversion, and converting analog data, paper-based files, and records into digital data. This can be accomplished through the use of computer vision algorithms and manual labor.

The workflow usually begins by categorizing and extracting the layout and structure in a rules-driven manner. Before any work can begin, programmers must create pre-defined extraction rules, which include defining the category and format of the documents.

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