DIGI-TEXX Opening Day 2023 | Year Of The Cat – A Big Catch For A Year Filled With Success

In these very first days of the lunar new year, from heaven, the trio of gods Phuc – Tho – God of Cat (also known as the Lucky Cat) come to DIGI-TEXX to bring joy, laughter, and the lovely melody of the spring.

They brought golden coins and ‘Lì xì’ DIGI-TEXXers with their best wishes, blessing all DIGI-TEXX members with a successful new year, good health, and peace on our opening day.

About the trio of gods and Lì xì:

Tet symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start for many Vietnamese, therefore, these days, Vietnamese often wish for the presence of The trio of Gods to come and fill the new year with fortune and good things. The original trio of Gods includes Phuc – The god of Happiness, Loc – The god of Wealth, and Tho – The god of Health & Longevity.

This year, Loc – The god of Wealth comes to DIGI-TEXX in the presence of the Lucky Cat. He beckons new opportunities, luck, and good fortune to all DIGI-TEXX members, blessing everyone with a bright and glorious new year.

Lì xì is one of the most meaningful parts of Vietnam’s Lunar New Year celebration. Giving Lì xì is an act of wishing the receivers luck and good things in the coming year.

DIGI-TEXX hopes the Lucky Cat will knock on your door with laughter, fortune, big success, and tons of Lì xì.


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