Learning & Development Program | Train the Coaches Course Recap

In June, 26 members comprising specialists and managers from various departments completed a Train the Coaches course, under the expert guidance of professional trainer Lina Hoang and the observer Nguyen Thi Diep and Tran Thi Hang,

Train the Coaches course

Over two practice-packed days, our attendees discovered the power of coaching and Manager as Coach – coaching as a leadership style.

Coaching isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a way of unleashing the true potential of individuals and teams, that helps them achieve top performance in line with the organization’s goals.

The course debunked the myth that managers should give orders and instead showed how they can help people grow through coaching. Manager as Coach is the management style that emphasizes collaboration, listening actively, delegating tasks with finesse, and giving effective feedback. Managers will be more like mentors, supporting employees’ personal growth, and focusing on building a strong team dynamic with a shared vision and shared values.

Furthermore, the course introduced attendees to potent coaching models, namely the Results-based and Behavioral Shift models. These frameworks provided attendees with practical tools to apply in diverse scenarios.

By the end of the course, our managers left feeling inspired and equipped with a fresh approach to leadership.

The Job Fair at HUTECH has ended, but career opportunities are still open at DIGI-TEXX. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and sharing our journey of growth, creativity, and success.

Train the Coaches course


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