Customer Service for E-commerce Platform

Excellent and professional customer care is a vital factor in any organization’s success. If companies are not taking care of their customers, competitors will. Customer care requires round-the-clock support, at any time, anywhere, on any device. This may cost organizations large investments in time, resources, hardware, and software, and DIGI-TEXX is pleased to be of assistance.

DIGI-TEXX provides Customer Service for an E-commerce Platform, which fully manages Published Content on the platform, Users Management, and Voice & Non-Voice Customer Support.

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Our team of professionals will satisfy your end customers by delivering 24/7 support in multi-languages (Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, etc.)


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  1. Hello, I’m the commercial department of Lutra Data, I’d like to know if your company provides Vietnamese language e-commerce customer services. Awaiting for your message. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your interest in DIGI-TEXX services. Our customer support agent will contact you to verify your inquiry through email.

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