Creating a Culture of Data Security: From Leaders to All Employees

The evolution of security threats has made data security and protection a top priority for many businesses. 

As a part of our efforts to guarantee employee data security awareness and to equip them with best practices for safeguarding confidential data, DIGI-TEXX opened the ‘Information Security/ Data Privacy Protection’ training. 

Data Security Training

Why Is Data Security Training Necessary?

  • Mitigating Data Breach Risk: 

Data Breach – a security incident that results in unauthorized access to confidential information. It has become commonplace and can occur just in the ‘blink of an eye’. 

The consequences are inevitable and deeply impactful from financial losses, and reputational damage to a profound erosion of consumer trust. According to a recent IBM Cost of Data Breach Report [1], the average cost amounts to 4.45 million dollars. 

  • Promoting Security Awareness And Responsibility:

Human error in data security accounts for either unintentional or lack of awareness. Despite the technology and security measures, a study has shown that 80% of data breaches are caused by human mistakes [2].

It is essential to ensure that all employees, at every level of the company, have a security-aware mindset and understand their role in safeguarding confidential data. With company-wide data security training, the role of human error in data security threats can be drastically reduced. 

  • Fostering Data Security Culture:

Security culture is shaped by organizational culture and is as important to security outcomes as a security strategy [3]

Encouraging communication among employees through a training approach can help to create a sense of trust, accountability, and shared responsibility within the company.

Data Security Training

DIGI-TEXX’s Data Security Training Program

Protecting data and information requires a proactive workforce. At DIGI-TEXX, we understand that data security is a top-tier priority and this is everyone’s responsibility.

We have conducted Information Security/ Data Privacy Protection Training for all employees in every role. To ensure equipping them with up-to-date knowledge and best practices to safeguard confidential information, creating a robust defense against cyberattacks.

The Data Security Training is an annual course that focuses on Information Security/ Data Privacy Protection (IS/DPP) topics with 4 main objectives: 

  • Create awareness among employees on IS/DPP and risk assessment
  • Build solid knowledge of the basics and principles of IS/DPP
  • Help them understand their role and responsibility as a staff member
  • Give best practices on DO NOT & SHOULD DO to protect the data appropriately
Data Security Training

Understanding Compliance Requirements

DIGI-TEXX commits to GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation for Europeans and Decree 13 – Personal Data Protection issue by the Vietnamese government.

Through the first training session, our staff delved into the principles of Decree 13/2013/ND-CP on Personal Data Protection, giving them exposure to compliance requirements and standards that our company is complying with.

Data Privacy Protection And Responsibility 

Moving to the next part with the DIGI-TEXX’s commitment to data privacy protection. They learned how to recognize potential risks as well as understand personal responsibility to safeguard the information system and data security. 

Safeguard The Data Properly

The training also unveiled the best practices of risk assessment, concentrating on common threats while accessing diverse communication channels (Email, Social networking, Internet, Malware,..) to comprehend the security requirements properly. 

Combined with thorough guidelines of what SHOULD and DO NOT DO, this helps them determine the small steps they can take daily to make DIGI-TEXX’s workplace more secure. 

The Up-And-Coming Outcomes

Concluding the final session, we have announced the newest updates including the upcoming policy, data backup and restore procedure as well as DIGI-TEXX’s forefront activities for IS/DPP. 

By the end of the training, all employees received a certificate for their successful completion, recognizing their knowledge and skills in handling information and data securely.

Through interactive DIGI-TEXX’s Data Security Training, DIGI-TEXX’s employees have gained valuable insights and appropriate perception of data security. Moreover, the training plays a key role in the first step of developing forward-thinking tactics for our staff, mitigating data breach incidents. Over and above that, we contribute to foster an information and data security culture within our company.

Data Security Training

Our Forefront Steps

Data security should not be viewed as a one-time training program but as an ongoing effort. By consistently reinforcing and providing training, DIGI-TEXX encourages responsible behavior of each individual regarding data security matters.

As technology continues to evolve, so do the threats to data security, making it crucial for DIGI-TEXX to move towards a better security posture. With a strong data security policy and employee training, we can stay one step ahead of evolving threats and protect our client’s data effectively. 

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