DIGI-TEXX OKRs Workshop 2023 Third Edition | an Insightful and Vibrantly Engaging Event

After the success of the first two workshops, DIGI-TEXX continues to host a third OKR workshop, aiming to provide a clear pathway direction and objectives for the company this year.

All key members from different departments of DIGI-TEXX participated in this insightful workshop to have a comprehensive understanding of other teams’ objectives. 

In this edition, participants from top executives to junior levels share their input to construct an in-depth strategic approach to achieve the target as well as maintain the current achievements. 

Pursuing new objectives requires excellent management skills, especially time management since lots of tasks will take place. All participants practiced how to categorize the priority level of each task and come up with an efficient approach to managing their time.

With this workshop,  DIGI-TEXX wants to replace the old top-down approach with a more inclusive goals-setting method to create an effective and motivated working environment for everyone.


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