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We provide frame-by-frame analysis, object detection, metadata annotation, object recognition, object tracking, and rapid video annotation services for computer vision models.


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annotating videos with metadata, classifiers, and complying with data quality standards can be challenging.

Video annotation is crucial for preparing training datasets for deep learning and machine learning models in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, gaming, and AR/VR development.

By labeling data, video annotation enables intelligent systems to identify objects, patterns, and more, making it particularly important for computer vision.

Outsourcing video annotation services to DIGI-TEXX ensures timely and cost-efficient results from professional annotators.

We also implement a range of the latest video annotation tools for computer vision models. These tools allow for easy video frames detection of objects of interest and enable machines to accurately categorize them.

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Video annotation services we offer

We provide accurate and cost-effective industry-optimized video annotation solutions to streamline your business processes. Our experienced and professional staff ensures high-quality and accurate data.. Here’s a brief overview of our services:


2D Bounding Boxes

Bounding Box annotation is considered by many to be the most reliable technique for video labeling. This method involves creating imaginary rectangles to detect objects.

Polygon Annotation

When dealing with scene and object classification, polygon annotation can be more accurate than bounding boxes, especially when irregularly shaped entities are involved.

government historical archive
government historical archive

Keypoint Annotation

Biometric security setups, such as face detection, can be improved through Keypoint annotation. This annotation focuses on showing user facial expressions (such as lips, noses, and eyes) and tracking body and facial features, without changing the meaning of the text, even at the cellular level.

3D Cuboid Annotation

A 3D cuboid is a type of Bounding Box annotation that identifies and labels objects in three dimensions, instead of just two dimensions, like 2D bounding boxes. Annotators draw 3D boxes around objects of interest and label them, for example by type of object or attributes.

government historical archive
government historical archive

Semantic Segmentation

To improve the accuracy of your computer vision AIs, you should consider semantic segmentation. This method accurately classifies images at the pixel level, resulting in targeted and precise results.

Line & Polyline Annotation

This technique is the optimal choice for verticals that demand a more straightforward method of labeling entities. It is especially valuable for annotating pipelines, roads, railways, and datasets that pertain to road markings, lanes, and other related features.

government historical archive
government historical archive

Video Transcription

If you want to improve engagement on your videos, we recommend using video transcription as a supplemental form of annotation. We can convert your video content into written text for subtitling or captioning.

Skeletal Annotation

For models intended for security or fitness and sports analytics, we recommend using skeletal annotation to identify and label datasets. This approach emphasizes body alignment and positioning, revealing body position and alignment.

government historical archive
government historical archive

Frames Classification

When it comes to data workflows related to YouTube video annotation, we strongly recommend implementing frame classification as the preferred method of annotation. This approach provides increased navigability of videos, with the added benefit of being able to skip frames and providing better control over the annotation process.

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How does our video annotation Process work?

We specialize in developing customized video annotation services that leverage the latest technologies to help you efficiently achieve your business goals. Our team of experts can assist your organization in exploring and implementing new possibilities while minimizing disruption and cost.



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Your industry will benefit the most from our services

DIGI-TEXX implements automation video annotation platforms, tools, and models to provide scalable solutions for various industries. There are several video annotation use cases across many industries:


We help e-commerce businesses improve their product categorization, customer experience, marketing, inventory management, and fraud detection through qualified labeled data for their AI and ML models.


Video annotation services can be used to identify defects and anomalies in manufacturing processes, helping to enhance client quality control, equipment maintenance, worker safety and prevent costly mistakes.


With the development of machine learning technologies, our video annotation service can improve activity recognition, facial recognition, and event detection to help monitor crowds. As a result, the AI model can identify potential safety risks or areas where crowd control may be necessary.

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What makes us a suitable Video annotation service provider for you?

We are a leading video annotation outsourcing company and are committed to providing our expertise, technology, and infrastructure to support businesses across the world. We thoroughly understand your concern and provide reliable support services on your behalf. See below:

Flexible pricing model

We offer flexible pricing models based on your requirements. You can select the model that best fits your business and yearly budgeting.

Round-the-clock support

Our dedicated project management team ensures your concerns are in control 24/7.

Data security

Confidential information will remain secure and be restricted from outside exposure with a reliable information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 standard with GDPR compliance.

Cost optimization

Outsourcing transforms fixed costs into variable costs and allows you to prevent large expenditures for business in the early stages and long-term run.

Data accuracy

At DIGI-TEXX, we understand that data accuracy is the first and critical component/standard of the data quality framework. We combine AI technologies and our specialists to ensure the highest accuracy rate.

Scalability and flexibility

Our service can adapt quickly to fluctuating volumes without compromising productivity and processing quality.

Our exemplary project delivery capacity

Our digital transformation solutions add value to any business (from small to large enterprises) around the world.

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Our data labeling consultancy utilizes customer-centric design to facilitate efficient business transformation.

Video annotation is the process of labeling or tagging video clips to train computer vision-based models to identify the object of interest.

These tags and labels help machine learning and computer vision algorithms to easily locate things. This process is used in medical AI, geospatial technology, autonomous technology, and so on.

Some automated labeling tools use machine learning to identify objects in the footage.

On-road entities like cars, pedestrians, and street signs, as well as custom entities for intelligent manufacturing, can be labeled through video annotation. Pose and facial key point tracking and categorization for games and apps are other examples.

Therefore, computer vision algorithms can be trained to recognize specific objects or patterns in a video.

The process of video annotation presents various challenges, including the difficulty of accurately labeling objects that are in motion. As a result, it may be advisable to delegate this task to professionals.

At DIGI-TEXX, we understand that data security is a top priority for businesses that outsource data-related tasks. That’s why we confidently follow stringent data security protocols to ensure your data is safe with us. We take pride in removing datasets after project completion, as per industry standards and legal requirements. So, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands with us.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, machines can learn from identifiable patterns and data without the need for human intervention. However, to make this a reality, the system must be fed with training-ready datasets, which can be best handled by video annotation. Rest assured that this process will guarantee accurate and efficient results.

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