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We offer professional, reliable, and cost-effective inbound call center services with a tailored strategy. Our specialists handle all inbound calls effectively, resolving customer issues in a timely manner and providing excellent customer service.


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We provide inbound contact center solutions that help customers maximize reach and profits.

Customer inquiries don’t stop at 5 p.m. on a Friday, so why should your customer support services shut down?

Our goal is to help you in providing exceptional customer experiences through our inbound contact center solutions.

We have extensive product and industry knowledge thanks to our many years of experience in the offshore call center services sector.

As a leading provider of inbound call center services based in Vietnam, we have extensive experience in serving global customers from various industries, such as travel and hospitality, real estate, airlines, eCommerce, retail, banking and more.

You may take advantage of our strategic inbound call services by outsourcing your inbound call operations to us. Our services will help you in achieving your company goals and keeping a step ahead of your competitors with excellent key performance metrics.

Trusted by more than +200 clients from home & Abroad

Inbound call center services we offer

We provide accurate and cost-effective industry-optimized inbound call center services to streamline your business processes. Our experienced and professional staff ensures high-quality and accurate data. Here’s a brief overview of our services:

Phone Answering Services

We offer top-notch, personalized phone answering services that will allow you to efficiently handle all of your customers’ inquiries with ease.

Medical Answering Services

If you work in the healthcare or medical industry and need accurate answering services for medical questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Hotline Services

Enterprises require hotline solutions to maintain compliance and respond to emergency situations. Our team of experts can provide the necessary services to address all of your critical needs.

Real Estate Call Answering Services

If you’re a real estate broker or agent, you can benefit from letting us handle incoming calls from potential customers. We’ll screen the leads and send the qualified ones to your sales team. We also offer competitive rates in the market.

Reservation Booking Services

Achieve access to highly effective tracking of responses, and enlist the support of a team who will expertly manage all your reservation booking needs by choosing DIGI-TEXX’s reservation booking services.

Lead Qualification Service

We can help you quickly improve your lead and sales funnel by using our expertise to engage your callers, which will increase the chances of turning prospective buyers into customers.

Help desk service

Our team of experienced agents can help support your current team by quickly identifying, assessing, and providing solutions for prompt resolution.

Order processing service

We have improved the speed and efficiency of claim processing by offering cutting-edge processing services that reduce dependencies and improve outcomes.

Customer support service

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service as an extension expert of your team. We are dedicated to bringing professionalism and knowledge to every customer interaction.

Technical support Service

Our team of highly skilled agents are technology experts who cater to an array of technology firms to offer top-notch service and support. You can count on us for all your tech service requirements.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is ideal for businesses with global customers. It can significantly reduce the need for a large customer support team as most customers can find answers to their questions through the automated system.

After-hours Call Center Services

Don’t let missed calls or inquiries hurt your business. With our professional and dedicated team of experts, you can rest assured that you don’t miss out on any important opportunities, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Omnichannel Contact Center Services

Opt for our omnichannel contact center solutions and seamlessly provide an effective and efficient customer experience across various channels such as email, phone, chat, and video.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Our virtual receptionist services enable you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes with a customer call. By reducing call abandonment rates, you can ensure that you never miss a chance to delight your customers.

You’re gonna love dIGI-TEXX

Managers from many kinds of businesses turn to DIGI-TEXX to optimize their business costs and enhance their customer experiences.

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Our Deployment Models

Our approach to deliver inbound call center solutions

We have developed an optimized N-step process to provide you with an efficient, secure, and convenient workflow. Here’s how we approach it:



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Industries we cater to

DIGI-TEXX implements automation inbound call center tools and software to provide solutions for various industries. We have the required experience and skills to work with clients from different industries and verticals. Some of the key industries we cater to include, but are not limited to:


DIGI-TEXX assists banks and financial institutions to manage their customer service needs, including answering customer queries about account balances, transaction history, loan applications, and more.


We handle customer queries related to policy coverage, claims, and billing for insurance organizations around the globe, improving customer satisfaction, reducing customer churn, and helping insurance companies streamline their operations.

Retail and e-COMMERCE

We enable quick and effective customer service for answering queries related to product information, order status, shipping, and returns. Our inbound call center services enable customer loyalty and increase sales.


DIGI-TEX handles inquiries related to bookings, reservations, cancellations, and more, leveling guest satisfaction and building loyalty.


Our call center agents take care of patient inquiries related to appointments, prescription refills, medical advice, and more. This can reduce wait times for patients, improve patient satisfaction, and help healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality care.

Real Estate

Our inbound call center services help real estate companies to manage inquiries related to property listings, sales, rentals. Enable real estate businesses to attract and retain clients, while improving the overall customer experience.


We help educational institutions improve their students’ experience through managing inquiries related to admissions, course schedules, and academic requirements.


Improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn with DIGI-TEXX with our shipment status, and delivery times.

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Call Center Software we support

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What makes us an ideal inbound call center service provider for you?

Our company offers inbound call center solutions to clients worldwide, delivering high-quality results. We thoroughly understand your concern and provide reliable support services on your behalf. See below:

Affordable and Flexible pricing model

We offer flexible pricing models based on the hour/transaction/volume and dedicated resources/packages. Clients can select the right model which best fits their purpose.

Data accuracy

At DIGI-TEXX, we understand that data accuracy is the first and critical component/standard of the data quality framework. We combine AI technologies and our specialists to ensure the highest accuracy rate.

Data security

Confidential information will remain secure and be restricted from outside exposure with a reliable information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 standard with GDPR compliance.

Professional call center agents

DIGI-TEXX provides personalized and relevant information that addresses the specific needs of the customer, communicating a consistent message and building trust for organizations.

Cost optimization

Outsourcing transforms fixed costs into variable costs and allows our clients to prevent large expenditures for business in the early stages and long-term run.

Round-the-clock support

Our operating service is 24/7/365 and we always put our client’s concerns as the top priority.

Customers Tailored Scripts

We deliver scripts specifically for the requirement of a particular customer or group of customers.

Let us answer your questions

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free consultation. If you don’t see an answer for you below, feel free to send us a message.

An inbound call center provides solutions for incoming calls from customers. The trained agents can help with order processing, appointment scheduling, customer surveys, dispatch services, and help desk services.

These centers aim to provide efficient communication for customers with questions or issues about a product or service. Automated systems allow callers to choose options and be quickly routed through a phone tree-style system. Some systems even page an agent when a call comes in, eliminating the need for customers to wait on hold.

Efficient inbound call management is crucial for call centers to provide excellent customer service and enhance customer experience. It involves agents analyzing customers’ needs and providing helpful solutions. To ensure respectful and caring treatment of each customer, agents should greet callers courteously, listen attentively, and offer relevant advice professionally.

An effective inbound call handling system should have automated routing to the right department and provide specific information before connecting with an agent.

Modern tools like VoIP can help integrate incoming calls into customer management software and assist agents in tracking requests efficiently. Equipping agents with these tools can deliver accurate information quickly and address customer needs effectively.

Outbound call centers are external service offices that primarily make outgoing calls to customers, such as contacting customers, building relationships, and driving sales.

They operate 24/7 and use scripts and contact lists. Agents answer questions, inform clients of new products or services, and ensure client satisfaction.

Calls involve sales activities such as market surveys, product information, service delivery, and product promotions. If customers are not interested, agents record relevant details for future campaigns.

Outbound call centers aim to boost conversion rates for businesses by reaching out to potential customers who are interested in their products or services.

Inbound centers interact with customers who call the center, providing customer service, help desk support, and technical support. Inbound call center agents help troubleshoot issues, answer questions, and provide information.

Outbound contact centers are used for proactive customer engagement, such as customer acquisition and retention through cold-calls and promotional materials. These centers use predictive dialers and voice broadcasting technologies to reach potential customers, aiming to set up appointments, generate leads, and upsell products and services. Agents proactively build relationships and create opportunities through conversations with customers.

Choosing the right inbound call center provider is a challenging task. Assess their field experience and solution effectiveness, and balance the cost with quality before making a decision.

You need an inbound call center that can grow with your business and support your vision for success. DIGI-TEXX is happy to provide exactly what you need.

A virtual receptionist is an automated phone answering and call transferring system that offers the same services as a human receptionist.

It can answer basic questions, provide company information, schedule appointments, transfer calls, send reminders, and do all the tasks a live receptionist would do.

Unlike a human receptionist, a virtual receptionist is always available and can perform tasks immediately. It offers flexibility with individualized greetings, feedback options, and accessibility features.

It can also handle more information than any single human could, making it ideal for large businesses that need to respond to incoming messages quickly. Virtual receptionists are an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to have their phones answered without in-person staff.

Our standard hiring requirements for onshore, nearshore, and offshore non-native language levels are set at B2+ (Independent according to CEFR scale). Levels C1+ (Proficient), same as other specific requirements like industry certifications, above-average educational background, etc. will come as an add-on.

The minimum hiring timeline, which depends on various factors including team size, job complexity, and hiring profile, is 2-4 weeks from contract signing to calibration on hiring requirements.

No. We provide only dedicated Customer Support and Back-Office Agents who work exclusively for your company.

Wondering if we can help you?

Our inbound call center company adds value to any-sized businesses around the world. Let’s take a look at success stories from our clients.

Building a cross-platform app to be used worldwide

Conor Kenney

Director of Professional Services

Leading a digital transformation

Conor Kenney

Director of Professional Services

Straight-Through Process for Customer Onboarding


Intelligent Document Processing

Automated Insurance Claims


Intelligent Document Processing

Digital Inspection System

Government & NGOs

Inspection System

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